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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Comment on Rosa Rubicondior vs Sacerdotus


The debate was not what most expected; nevertheless, it is what it is.  I knew Rosa would get cold feet and find all kinds of ways to get out of the debate.

The numerous times that I corrected her blog opinions with science and how she deleted them showed to me that she just wants attention and is not serious about truth.  She is more concerned about always being right even when the facts speak against her.

This debate exposed her completely.  It is no wonder why her Atheist friends are flooding my Twitter mentions with all kinds of supportive comments, strange comments and of course, attacks.

When the shepherd is hit, the sheep will scatter and this is what is happening.  I hit the "great vocal" Atheist "Nope," hard and her blind sheep are scattered.

Some of you posted comments on the debate blog -I specifically stated not to, but Atheists are not good at reading :) - nevertheless, I started this post so that all can comment on the debate.

  • All I ask is for the comments to be free of vulgarity, profanity, ad hominem, prevarication and the like. 
  • Keep it simple and do not attack Rose or me. 
  • I will not post any comment that does not comply with the aforementioned.

Here are the comments that were posted during the debate which I did not approve because only Rosa was allowed to post there.

The verdict is in and @rosarubicondior is declared the loser of the debate for good.  Every attempt has been made to continue the debate and instead Rubicondior resorts to ad hominem and falsely applying another's identity on me in order to distract.  It is obvious that Rubicondior is an internet troll seeking only attention and is not serious about atheism.  Rubicondior is the reason why many abandon atheism and join religion, hence why atheism has a short retention.  

Any religious individual reading this blog post should block and report rubicondior as spam.  He is nothing but a waste of time and has serious psychiatric issues.  I hope he gets the help needed.  Let us pray for this troubled soul.    

Thank you for reading and for your comment. Please be patient if you posted a comment. Spammers and other people who hide under "anonymous" sometimes post vulgar or nonsensical comments that I cannot post for obvious reasons. If your comment pertains to the posting and is free of ad hominem and vulgarity, rest assured it will be posted.


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